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ARTEC is a collective of contemporary artists.

This site offers :

  • A virtual gallery of ARTEC’s artists
  • The agenda of Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions organized by ARTEC (France and abroad)

ARTEC aims to make available a high-performance tool for artists to exhibit their works and allow fans to virtually walk among the works exhibited on the site or come to attend the exhibitions organized by the group.

If you wish to acquire a certain work presented on this site: directly contact the artist: there is no direct negotiation between ARTEC and the buyer.

Next exhibition 20/09

Méditation Lumière 2017-mer, 20/09/2017 - 12:00-ARTEC

Méditation lumière, royal hall of Madeleine' church,  Paris   september 20th to 30th  -   this exhibition put together art works and poems in the royal hall of Madeleine in Paris ,. -  1 m linéaire (1 or 2 works ).– 

 Fee  115€  -

poets  fee: 15€ (3 texts) .

opening party   september 20th  at  12h AM