Rules valid for all exhibitions organized by ARTEC:

Terms and conditions : The exhibitor undertakes to deposit the works and withdraw them in the dates set by the contract. The works may be sent or deposited at the headquarters or deposited directly on the exhibition site on the day of installation (No packaging can be stored on site).

The transport and the handling of the works are the exclusive responsibility of the artists. In the case of shipments from the provinces or abroad, sending is done at the headquarters of ARTEC,

ARTEC transports the works to the exhibition site, the installation and presentation of the WORKS is the sole responsibility of ARTEC. In the event of force majeure, an exhibition may be postponed to a later date in the interests of both parties. ARTEC is in charge of the collective digital invitations, the cocktail and the hanging of the works.


All reservations are firm and final, no deposit will be refundable. The organization of the exhibition is insured in civil liability. In the case of theft and damage of the works, all the risks of the exhibition must be taken out by each exhibitor.

By the sole fact of its adhesion, the exhibitor waives all right of recourse against the organizer, the other exhibitors, the renter of the places of exhibition, as well as against the agents, employees and subcontractors of the aforementioned. Should any of the exhibitors benefit from any other guarantee, they must obtain from their insurer the inclusion of a renunciation clause in favor of the organizer and the rental company of the exhibition venues. The exhibitor undertakes to take all necessary measures to safeguard the insured property.

The organizer declines all responsibility for theft on all locations during the opening and closing hours of the exhibition. In no case shall the damage resulting from these flights be compensated. The organizer declines all responsibility for any thefts, losses and damages that may occur to objects and materials for any reason whatsoever and especially during their handling or transport. It follows that the exhibitor who has not taken out insurance in good time and who is suffering a loss would be completely deprived of the possibility of an appeal.

The total value of exhibits, packaging and other facilities should be reported accurately to your insurer prior to the exhibition. In the case of the occurrence of a customs problem for any reason whatsoever, the organizer can not be held responsible.